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House Tour – London Villa……….

Charmingly understated with lovely bones, another gorgeous location from Shootfactory.

It would be a sin to cover those windows with anything and those wide floorboards were never meant to be seen, but who cares they are just beautiful.

And those bookcases! How perfectly do they fit that space?

Such admirable restraint to leave the paintwork in all it’s rubbed-down glory.

And it’s so obviously a ‘cooks’ kitchen but I’m not sure I could leave those worktops alone.

Or the bathroom window without some curtains.

Or the bedroom without a blind.

I’d have to make a few teeny tiny changes…

How about you?

Website Wishlist – Dotmaison……….

This weeks Sunday afternoon surf brings you my five favourite things from Dotmaison.

So colourful.  Just what is needed to bring some much-needed sunshine in.

So retro.  Gorgeous walnut to make the family snaps even more beautiful.

I think my son would like this Diesel cushion.  Or maybe I would keep it.

Missoni towels.  Just the job for adding colour to a neutral bathroom.  And mine are getting quite old now.

Aren’t these beautiful.  I think I would need a complete garden re-design to do these justice.

So many shops…so little cash…

Saturday Share – Rue Magazine……….

Just a few of my favourite images this week from, well, the latest fabulous issue of Rue Magazine. Where else?

Rue Magazine

I Spy – Johnny Egg……….

Johnny Egg describes his style as ‘Theatrical Minimalism’. He believes that furniture should be functional, well designed and practical and that nothing should be overlooked or neglected.  Hence his signature flocked drawer linings.

He learned his skills working as an apprentice for a traditional cabinetmaker but now creates his own designs in his workshop in rural Essex.  I met him at 100% Design last year and he is as lovely as his furniture.

His Black & Twisted unit was nominated by RIBA as one of the ‘Best Products of 2006’

 Every piece that comes out of his Essex Studio is dated, numbered and signed.

I love that he uses pink.  So decadent.

This striking limited edition bar will be made in 10 exciting colours, but only ONE of each. Each piece will have its own distinct bar code.

Even chandeliers and mirrors cannot escape the flocking. How striking would this pair be in an entrance hall?

But my favourite of all, this swarkovski crystal handbag hook!

Johnny Egg

Office Spaces – Agent Provocateur……….

I don’t normally feature office design on this blog, but today I’m going to make an exception.

I was flicking through Interior Design Today and there was a spread dedicated to the new head office of Agent Provocateur.  Granted the space also includes their new showroom, but this is like no work environment I have had the pleasure of working in!

The chosen designers – Studiofibre – were given virtually no design restrictions.  A dream brief, ‘Be as daring and colourful as you wish’.

The result is as original and sexy as the lingerie brand itself.

The furniture is mostly Vitra, with a few Edra pieces as here in the reception area which is very informal and laid back.

The crocodile print flooring is by Forbo.

Fiona Livingston from Sudiofibre is quoted as saying ‘We were faced with the challenge of transforming quite a life-less building into something that oozes character and encapsulates the theatrical glam of the Agent Provocateur brand’  Well, they have certainly managed that.

And who needs art when you have larger than life posters of the company’s products?

When can I start?

All images from the website of Studiofibre

I Spy – Chocolate Creative……….

I had the great pleasure last night, to meet Margarita Lorenzo, the designer behind Chocolate Creative, at an event organised by the lovely people at mydeco.

Margarita started out as a graphic designer after training in fine art, but her love of textiles drove her to learn and discover new ways to apply her graphics knowledge to fabrics.

Her collections are hand-made, from the drawing of the pattern to the silk screen printing to the sewing.  Some of her cushions are a delightful combination of silk screen printing and cross stitch, with beautiful ribbon ties.  A gorgeous mix of nostalgia and sophistication.

It was lovely to hear her talking passionately about the crafts she learned  as child in Spain and her desire to use these skills in a more contemporary way.  

Of course we all had a few glasses of wine and a good gossip too.  And mydeco shared with us a new blogging feature that will soon be available on their website. 

But more about that next week…

mydeco are generously offering a 10% discount off Chocolate Creative until 11 February 2011 – to find the offer visit the mydeco website here and  use the code mydecoCC10 at the checkout.

Photographer Envy – Miki Duisterhof……….

I had a New Year resolution that I didn’t share with anyone.  Until now.

I resolved to get the camera out more often and practise, practise, practise.

I felt inspired, last year, by Holly Becker’s Blogging Your Way e-course.  All those of us taking part were encouraged to take our own photographs and share the results.  Which we did.  I did.

I felt inspired by Leslie of A Creative Mint.  Her lessons in styling and colour and flower arranging were absorbed and practised and filed away for future reference.

I keep meaning to find the time.  I do. I do.

But I will never, ever, be able to take photographs as stunningly beautiful, as awe-inspiring, as achingly perfect as these.

I’ll find the time to practise.  I’ll try harder.  I promise.

All photographs by Miki Duisterhof